NCAA Eligibility Information

Any player participating in Adult Amateur American football with the hope of one day playing at the collegiate level should read the following as it pertains to athletic eligibility according to NCAA rules and standards.

In accordance with NCAA rules, student-athletes who don't enroll in college within a year of graduating high school will be charged one year of eligibility for every academic year they participate in organized competition.

By NCAA standards, "organized competition" is defined as athletic contests where game officials were present to govern play, team uniforms were worn by the participants, and the score and/or statistics of said contest were kept.

Furthermore, "participation" can be defined as being in uniform and eligible to play in an organized competition. In other words, whether you actually participate in the organized athletic competition or not, as long as you're in uniform and active to play, you are considered a participant.

In conclusion, interested players need to be aware that participation in Adult Amateur football falls under the NCAA standards of organized competition, and should evaluate their personal situation as it relates to their own athletic eligibility under NCAA rules and standards.

Keep in mind that in a majority of cases, colleges primarily recruit those athletes with at least 3 years of immediate athletic eligibility by NCAA standards, and depending on your talent level, there are those that will gladly accept as little as 2 years of immediate athletic eligibility. However, the latter is generally reserved for those who have competed at the junior college (NJCAA) and/or lower or equivalent division levels, respectively, of the NCAA.

As of this date, none of the players participating in our league, Florida Football Alliance, are paid for their on-field performance, or off-field activities associated with either organization. Furthermore, our league does not schedule and/or participate in any games, exhibition or otherwise, with professional organizations where players on their rosters are paid for their on-field performance or participation.

For more details on this issue, contact the NCAA at: 1-877-262-1492 (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p)