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Makos Turkey Bowl A blessing to Families

The Palm Beach Makos increased its' efforts on giving this Thanksgiving season. The Makos blessed 50 families with Turkey Baskets this year for its 3rd Annual Turkey Bowl. This is up from 20 Turkey Baskets from 2014 and 10 from the inagural 2013 season. Again, the Adopt-a-Family of the Palm Beaches were the recipient organization that will give away the Turkeys.  Receiving the Baskets for the organization are: Rae Harris, Joe Morino, & Dolores Alaire.

The Turkey Baskets efforts were led by the Makos GM Ray Gordon. He has been a dominant force in leading the Makos in its community drives. The Turkey baskets were just one of the efforts conducted by the Makos this year. The Makos distributed Lunches on the 4th of July, visited the Childrens Hospital of Palm Beach, Palm Beach Nursing Homes, and Middle School Career Day events. The Palm Beach Makos Cheerleaders and Palm Beach Makos team coordinated the Thanksgiving food drive! The Makos would like to thank Publix, The Bobby Rescinitti Healing Hearts, and Joana Moore for their contributions of the turkeys. Go Team Makos!

Makos Players, GM Gordon, and Cheerleaders pictured with Adopt-a-Families, Rae Harris.


Makos "Teen Awareness Fair"a Success!

On Saturday, October 17th at the Palm Beach Outlets, West Palm Beach, Your Palm Beach Makos Football team and the Makos Cheerleaders were a part of the Teen Awareness Fair. The event was a great success. As the event began to start, the Makos were invited by West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoi, ride along and be her parade escorts, along with the Makos Mascot, "Chewy!" It was a fun event and the Makos were thankful to be a part of it. The Makos organization would like to thank Ms. Valerie Jackson, Director Of Development and the P.H.A.T. CEO and Board of Directors Executive Committee for allowing the Makos to be a part of the "Teen Awareness Fair." The Makos look forward to partnering with this great organization in future events!


Makos invited to be a part of "Teen Awareness Fair"

Saturday, October 17th at the Palm Beach Outlets, West Palm Beach

With all the community events the Makos are involved with, they were noticed by Valerie Jackson, Director Of Development and the P.H.A.T. CEO and Board of Directors Executive Committee to be a part of the "Teen Awareness Fair." The "Perfect Outlet" Teen Awareness Fair is a free community event is comprised of many community teen and youth organizations, non-profit agencies, businesses, local VIP celebrities, local & well known entertainers that have joined forces to form an alliance of teen awareness and support. This effort was created to give teens the opportunity to be a part of something worthwhile in the community and to become involved so as to have less idle time on their hands. The Makos are thankful for the committee reconizing our community efforts and allowing the organization be involved in a wonderful event.


Makos Visit Children Hospital


The Palm Beach Makos conducted its 3rd annual Palm Beach Children Hospital visit in West Palm Beach (https://www.palmbeachchildrenshospital.com/home). The Makos were able to visit the children on the various wards and to do some some give aways for the children. The children were very excited to see the players and cheerleader. (Due to hospital policy and parental consents, we are not able to show pictures of children).

Attending the visit are: Makos General Manager Ray Gordon (kneeling), from left to right (standing) are: Defensive End Anthony Barger, cheerleaders Katie Suwankasia, Angela Deleon, Samira Mohammed, and Wide Receiver Demetrice Rolle.

The Palm Beach Makos extend our gratitude to the Childrens Hospital for allowing the organization to come out and blessed the children each year. Below is a thank you letter from the Childrens Hospital:


The Makos Organization complete 2nd Annual Community Bag Lunch Give Away

Saturday, July 4th  2015, the Palm Beach Makos Football Team along with the Palm Beach Makos Cheerleaders conducted their 2nd Annual 4th of July“Brown Bag Lunch” give away. The Makos canvased the city of West Palm Beach handing out brown bag lunches consisting of sandwiches, chips and a drink to those less fortunate. This is a small token to give to those in need of assistance. The Makos look forward to being a blessing to those within our community. Go Makos!!

Assisting this year in the 4th of July Bag Lunch were: Team President Rev. Gary Wilder, General Manager Ray Gordon, Head Coach Mike Rock along with players Terry Taylor, James Johnson, Jean Sanon, Victor Nunez, Dejuan Guillary, Demetrice Rolle, Jimmy Lorevil, Deshuan Dukes, along with Makos Cheerleaders & Friends, and new Makos Trainer Brian Fox.

The Makos organization would like to thank all of those who participated with their time, contributions and finances to make this day possible. Blessings to you all!

Link for news report on Bag Lunch Event: https://youtu.be/gpBk8V2dV3c